My Pride, My Thai part 13: Hua Hin Inbox

After having been on the road alone for what seemed an eternity, it was time to make a decision as to where I would spend the next night. I had hoped to make it to Kanchanaburi before evening arrived, but whilst having my dinner at Prachuap Khiri Khan, I realized that it was perhaps not a good idea. I was so tired, so very tired, and I longed for a comfortable bed and a cold shower.†

I had some local contacts that I thought might help me out with just that: suitable accomondations for the night. I called them up and asked them if they knew of any interesting places with availability at Hua Hin. Instead of giving me a phone number or a website to make a last minute reservation, they asked me to go to an address at Hua Hin. To be honest, after the call, I tried finding out what would meet me at that address, but really could not find out anything useful. I had no idea what they had in store for me.†

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Arriving a good hour later in Hua Hin it was already dark. I was greeted by torrential monsoon-rain and a blinding thunder storm. With the weather at the time, it turned out that it would be a bit of a struggle to find that tiny soi (a soi is a side street from main roads). I asked a couple of people, not trying to be offend anyone, but Thai people really don’t know how to give good directions. Thankfully, at the time, the slightly insufficient Google Maps came to the rescue. In between moments of dispear and being lost, it also struck me how exciting it is being in an unfamiliar street far away, trying to find something unknown. This is indeed the romance of travels, right?

When I eventually found the soi I was looking for, and as I entered the very narrow side-street, I immediately saw what my contacts had set me up for!†

A stack of re-used, colourful shipping containers turned into a tiny resort called “Hua Hin Inbox”. My contacts knew me so very well: they understood my tireless fascination with everything “old-style Thai”, everything “unusual” and everything “supercute"! This was all that I could have dreamt of, absolutely my perfect dream accommodations!

The staff and owners came out and was overly friendly: they were extremely hospitable and polite. This is something that I truly love with Thailand and the majority of Thai people: their true Thai friendliness and genuine hospitality. Normal people (if you can ever call anyone “normal”) that tries to make a living out of something special, and that does it with such great pride and hospitality. Naturally, at the bottom line, it’s all about the money, but occationally you get to feel the real welcome: not only because you bring them business, but because they truly want to have you there as their guest. From the first moment I arrived at this small and privately run resort, I felt very welcome as a guest because they truly wanted to have me as a guest, not only because me staying there, meant money (income).†

To be truly honest, speaking right from my heart, I have to say that with my somewhat long background in hospitality, working for the worlds most exclusive cruise line and as a Public Relations Manager in Bangkok, I couldn’t help seeing a few things that could have been improved for the better, but with what they had at hand, they certainly made my stay very memorable. I immediately knew that I would come back again later to this place, and that it would probably be my first choice acoomondation next time I return to Hua Hin also.†

Location wise, it’s perhaps not perfect for many, way too far from the “downtown” area. Walking back to town would be a relatively long walk, but it’s not a problem as long as you find some local motorcycle taxis (which is abundant everywhere in Thailand). I didn’t bother the owner asking for transport, but I feel confident that if I had, they had driven me to town. I could also have used my own car, but after more than 1600 kilometers rolling four rubber wheels the past 40 hours, I wasn’t too keen on any more driving.†

This is as I mentioned above, a relatively small and privately run resort with only 10 rooms in 10 different shipping containers stacked on top of each other (two stories). Each room has a comfortable bed, air condition (off course!), a small fridge and TV, and a simple but practical bathroom. Prices are very reasonable for what you get, but as always, it depends on which season you arrive.††A set breakfast is included in the price as well.†The resort has a pool, and an interesting sitting area on second floor made up by used oil-barrels. The owners obvious engineering-skills and ideas, makes a place where creativity is the key! For that, I strongly recommend you considering the place!†

The entrance to the “soi” during daylight, as found on Google Maps.†


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