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After some 10 years online, the website CaptainsVoyage main-page has certainly become a trade mark and well known site for many people, whether private or in business. Since the first launch a decade ago, the format have changed several times in line with trends and helpful website creators. I certainly hope that the current format will be well recieved by all.

With the tabs above, I have a feeling the site will be easy to navigate, and therefore also friendly for the readers. You may notice that some things may have disappeared in the transition from the previous version, such as for example all the unfinished pages, and those pages which hardly saw any visitors at all.

The stories within are mine, and even though the opinions may not be correct, they are mine at the time of writing. That doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind over time, we all live and continously evolve as people and as individuals. Neverthless, I kindly ask the readers to respect my point of view wether you agree or not, as much as I also respect that your opinions and tastes may be different from mine.

No matter your reason for coming to this site, I humbly thank you all for coming, and for spending some time here with me. In closing, I would also like to welcome you back here again and again, in the future.


Captain Jan-Olav, aka Captain Bank

Latest update of CaptainsVoyage.com:22nd of October 2014.

Latest updates:
October 22nd: New link in“My favourite bookmarks”, new blog entry in“the Captain says”.

October 21st 2014: New page “Crystal Cruises: the World’s Best…”, page“My Cinema” updated, new blog entries.

October 16th 2014:"NCL timeline" has been updated.

September 29th 2014: New blog entry in“the Captain says”.

September 28th 2014: "NCL timeline" has been updated. New blog entries in“the Captain says”.
September 26th 2014: "My Cinema" updated. Photopage "My favourite Moments of 2014" updated.

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