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After 10 years online, the website CaptainsVoyage main-page has moved from Apple's own iWEB to the much more user-friendly, and easier-to-peronalize Sandvox: the move was done primarily because of simplicity in updating and also for purposes of following new trends. I certainly hope the new format will be well recieved and that I will be able to keep it updated much more frequently than in the past.

With the tabs above, I have a feeling the site will be much more easy to navigate, and therefore also friendly for the readers. You may notice that some things may have disappeared in the transition from the old version, such as for example all the unfinished pages, and those pages which hardly saw any visitors at all.

No matter your reason for coming to this site, I humbly thank you all for coming, and for spending some time here with me. In closing, I would also like to welcome you back here again and again, in the future. At this point, I can promise you that as time goes on, more and more of the site will eventually come back "LIVE".


Captain Jan-Olav, aka Captain Bank

Latest update of CaptainsVoyage.com:4th of September 2014 ( can YOU find the update?)

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