My favorite photographs of 2012

As far as photography goes, the year 2012 was a fairly active year for me. I did take a lot of images throughout the year, and selecting one from each month as my favorite shot might sound like a simple task, but I believe the reason for picking exactly these images are purely because of the memories associated with each one of them. Like music and songs brings us back in time to a certain memory, pictures have the same effect. I have long been of the opinion that the people I have worked with, and have a photograph of, are those that I most easily remember. People that I have not taken a photo of, I often find hard remembering - even when it comes to their names. 

Therefore, in my opinion, the so-called perfect photograph is a very personal thing. It is very much based on the memories around the time when they were taken, as well as their technical execution. Even though the below images are perhaps among my favourite, they might not be well recieved with others. But, that is not my intention either. 

January 24th 2012, during a night watch at work, the skies above my ship literally exploded with Aurora Borealis. Never in my life had I seen so much northern light in such a small amount of time. It lasted about an hour and half, and disappeared again as fast as it exploded. As we parked the ferry for the night at 2 in the morning, I already had nearly a 100 photographs in my camera. Choosing the best one, is a matter of a random pick. What I experienced from taking these shots is that doing so from a moving vessel, is not a simple task. 

The first cruise-ship to visit Trondheim in 2012 was the Boudicca of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. The date was February 27th and the light during her departure made it a slightly challenging shoot. I remember seeing the ship sail, and how alone I was in the port to witness her departure. It was a relatively cold evening, and I hope that her guests and crew enjoyed their wintertime cruise to Norway. 

March 21st 2012. After a more or less continuos service in the Hurtigruten fleet since 1956, “Nordstjernen" visited Trondheim on her final call as a Hurtigruten coastal-vessel. I had been on night watch that night, and headed straight to the port after the end of my duty to take part in, and capture her final departure. At this moment in time, her future plans included preparations and summer-cruising around Spitsbergen. After her Spitsbergen season, it was still not clear what were in store for this truly old Lady. 

April 3rd 2012. Snowstorm engulfed much of Trondheim, and visibility was severely reduced by a completely white terrain. This would normally be a day to stay indoors, but for a change of environment, I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture a set of “white-out” images. This one, taken at Ranheim, became one of my favorites this day. 

May 31st 2012. Almost un-noticeably Nordstjernen returned to Trondheim for a couple of hours, on her reposition cruise from Bergen to Spitzbergen. She arrived in the morning and sailed a few minutes after the departure of the northbound coastal steamer. She had been docked up in the Nidelven River, in the past a normal place for the older ships but now a much more rare event. 

June 28th 2012. Summer holiday started really early for me this year, and since I had bought a “new” second hand car a week earlier, it would be a drive to southern Norway this year. The trip naturally started at Trondheim, and went through Tydal to Røros. This image is perhaps not a great image per say, but it signifies the first day of a wonderful summer holiday in nearly perfect summer weather throughout. The onwards holiday would take me south to Moss, then on to Rjukan and the magnificent west coast of Norway. 

July 3rd 2012. As the summer holiday was filled with wonderful memories and the memory card of the camera was filled with truly competing spectacular sceneries, the visit at Flåm was also a special one. Arriving at Flåm at dawn, it was so quiet and pristine in the hours before the cruiseship onloaded their passengers.  The weather was perfect and the temperature was right in the comfort zone. It was such a perfect summer day. 

August 3rd 2012. As summer holiday came to a close and with autumn fast approaching, it was time for hikes into the forest and surrounding mountains of Trondheim. There was so much berries to pick, both blueberry and cloudberry. For me, it has always been difficult to put them into the bucket and not into my mouth, but this day, there was more than enough berries for both my bucket and mouth. 

September 28th 2012. I have seldom been completely satisfied with images of myself. I have always felt that my place is behind the camera, not in front of a camera. But this image, taken during an autumn walk at Ladestien actually gets the rare stamp of approval from me. Because of the “bokeh” produced by the 85mm f1.2 lens, it is also one of my favorites from this month. 

October 28th 2012. The autumn of 2012 was filled with wonderful color-explosions when all the leaves died, and at the end of October, we suddenly got snow overnight, followed by almost clear skies and sunshine. It was the perfect day to take the caemra out for a walk. This image was captured at Marinen, just behind the Archbishop’s Palace and the Nidarosdomen Cathedral. I’m very pleased that my experimentation with the direct sunlight turned out as well as it did. 

November 11th 2012. My definite November-favorite is this Christmas-card collage for the upcoming holiday season. It was a thrill doing the shoot in November, in good time before Christmas, and to put the best shots together like this. The idea came from a similar set-up on a Thai photography forum that I frequent. 

December 29th 2012. Christmas party and happy times, with sponsorship of Moods of Norway. Only the most confident men can pull off wearing that much pink. At this time, I had also been attending the gym only 3 weeks and dieting really hard. During the past three weeks before this image was shot, my weight had already dropped quite significantly. My diet had changed dramatically, and almost overnight, I completely quit my intake of carbonated soft drinks. I started seeing the results almost immediately, and a year later, in December 2013, I could not even imagine how much better I would feel. This image signifies that dramatic change in my life, almost like my new awakening. 

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