My Pride, My Thai part 5: Big C

Before I continue saying anything else, it appears to me that I certainly seem to enjoy writing here on my Captains bLOG, and especially when I’m also being seen, heard and/or read. I will continiue to share my thoughts, dreams and visions here a little while more into the future, as well as share my personal takes on some of the billions of different news-stories that are shared throughout the gigantic world wide web. I grew up in an era where we didn’t have Internet, and I’m still amazed at the speed which things gets shared, despite it being the most trivial kind of observation. For example, a tiny, meaningless event in China, may reach countries on the other side of the world within minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only one that are able to realize that our world is so much smaller than it used to be before. Because with my Chinese knowledge, for example, is so limited, imagine if we all spoke the same language as well? 

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Let’s get moving on to the next installment of this series of mine from last year. I wrote the My Pride, My Thai-series during two and a half months travel in Thailand last year, but never got enough courage or time to share them. They are basically exactly the way I wrote them initially, I just corrected and completed them again, in the recent weeks. 

This entry is about the first shop I went to after arriving in Thailand: a grocery store: the BIG C super store. What can I say about Big C super store at Rajadamri? Is it normal to be as excited as I am about a mall where you buy your groceries? 

This particular grocery store on local steroids moves me in a way no other grocery store does. Every time I go inside, even now at this time, and after 6,5 years away, there is something familiar and homely with this place. During the many years when Bangkok was my home, this was from the day they opened, my place for buying all my groceries. Returning here this time to buy some sandals, and other essentials for my trip, I immediately remember the several hundred times I shopped for food there... and in the first couple of years of operation, their over-air conditioned but slightly cheaper cinema... I've seen a lot of films there, and bought a lot of groceries there over the years... going back and hanging at places which was so familiar and in my neighborhood, always emotionally moves the part of brain which holds those memories. 

I needed some toothpaste, and finding the correct shelves like it was still my daily shop, a very familiar sound called out my name: «Sir! Mister!……Khun Bank…!» Turning around, I saw a very familiar and an equally big smile. The lady calling out my name, just hours after arriving in Bangkok, and at my first shopping in Bangkok, was a lady I know all too well. Let’s call her the hot dog lady. She grabbed me like a mother would grab her son and gave me a big hug. She asked if I remember her, and yes, off course I did… she was the lady which used to work at the meat-counter where i used to buy my hot-dogs and meat. She looked exactly the same as I remembered her, even though she had now been promoted to be in charge of the cosmetics area of the shop. We chatted for what seemed like a very long time before eventually hugging goodbye again. 

I felt it was like coming home, and I truly mean HOME. The Pratunam district of Bangkok used to be my home for so many years, and to be recognized amongst the millions of people almost immediately after arriving in Bangkok, was such a wonderful feeling. It never happens anywhere in Norway, not even in my own city of Trondheim. I can walk for years around Trondheim, and I never run into anyone it seems, even though Trondheim is a fraction in size compared to Bangkok. In Bangkok, I had only been out on the streets for less than an hour, and I was already recognized. 

This meaningless and heartwarming encounter truly made a large impact on me. And the amazing thing was that it would later show, it wouldn’t be the last time the next 2,5 months that this would happen to me. That is what I eventually want to say by sharing this tiny and perhaps insignificant story: it is indeed possible to be excited about a grocery super center. 

I can’t wait to go back there again to do my next shopping. 

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