My Pride, My Thai part 4: The first morning

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Oh, that wonderful feeling waking up the first morning of vacation, with absolutely no job-related thoughts in mind. After all that stress of work, planinng the trip, packing for the trip (as if throwing one set of clothes-change in a suitcase was tiring), and traveling, the vacation was finally starting. After half an hour, I guess my only complaint is that the†“waking up first morning"-part had already been done, could not be undone, and wouldn’t happen before next trip some time in the future. Oh well, it was bound to happen!†

Since the night before ended in wining and dining in the clouds, what better way to start the day, than indulging in Centaras wonderful breakfast buffet, and with a specially crafted, personalized spicy Bloody Mary.†

Breakefast table view.

Following that awesome breakfast, at their outdoor patio, I was all set to go!†After breakfast I had a big smile, as I though it would be nice to return home again at the end of summer because I wouldnt need to change my t-shirt a couple of times a day due to excessive sweating. It’s perhaps strange, because I truly hate everything winter, including cold weather so very, very, very much. But, as with everything, there is a golden middle-way. Norwegian winter and Thai El Nino is certainly two very different climates.†

The schedule ahead was, despite it being a so-called vacation, almost fully packed with activities, meetings, parties and what not. ††

IMG 4456

First thing to do this first morning, was to check out from the hotel and transfer to the next door relatively†“brand-new†The Berkeley Pratunam Hotel. Transferring between the two hotels was absolutely no hassle at all, with the helping hand of a talented bellboy named Prasit. Less than 20 minutes room-to-room was quite acceptable.†

The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam occupies an old tower that was built long ago, and that was left unfinished as a skeleton. Today, a hotel has finally been completed in the location, and they are working on achieving a 5-star level of standard. Even though they already state 5-star accomondations in their advertising, they are from there yet.†

Lunch this first day is really a hard picking: where to go, and what to eat…. Bangkok is like a giangantic kitchen with absolutely everything you like to eat. Choosing what to eat first is so hard: naturally, you just can’t have it all the first day. I do have a lot of favourite places to eat… in the end, I opted for something light (though, with all the extra toppings, it turned out to be anything else other than a light meal).†

At the end of the first day, a cool-off would be in place, and what better way than to do so in the hotel’s pool. That is the great thing with The Berkeley as opposed to Centara Watergate, they have a proper pool, and not only a pond.†

IMG 4483

I had indeed arrived in Thailand: the land of selfies, so here is my first “return-to-Thailand-selfie”, poolside.†

The rest of the evening would naturally include more dining, more drinking and more partying with friends the proper Thai way. Starting with a dinner at one of my long time favorite places in Bangkok, on the Thonburi side of the RIver of Kings, with great view of the Grand Palace. I had discovered this place some 27 years ago, and I’m a true patron of Krua Rakhangtong. Eacht time I return to this place, is like travelling way back in time: the food is great, the prices remain very reasonable, and they haven’t done many estethical changes to the place since the first time I ate here. †It’s just one of those places that refuses to modernise in a city where everything moves and changes so fast: and that is not a negative thing at all.†

It felt absolutely wonderful catching up with old friends again. The rest of the night would be written down in the history books as one of those memorable nights you will trasure book forever and ever. But that would also be a book not suitable for printing.†

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