My Pride, My Thai part 14: Returning to Kanchanaburi

After a very good night sleep in a shipping container, and a good breakfast with complementary refills, I was again ready to continue my own little advernture and holiday trip. The feelings whilst on the road during a perfect holiday trip, where only you are in charge of your destination, is such a wonderful feeling. I decide where I go, and the time it’s going to take to get me there. It sounds absolutely perfect, because the only true stress-factor is that you are trying to squeeze in so many things in too little time. † †

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On this brand new day, I had two choices: visit some friends at Nakon Pathom, or go to Kanchanaburi to see an increadible group of other friends. To be reasonable, I chose to go to Kanchanaburi first, and do Nakon Pathom on the way to Bangkok.†

The trip is not that long, but I constantly end up using at least twice as much time as what would be normal. This day, I actually ended up using three times as much time as expected. I had to stop by the beach at Cha Am, and a favourite coffee shop of mine at Petchaburi. The beach at Cha Am was busy this day, and an overly agitated beach chair vendor cut my stop there very short. But, the rude vendor at the beach was soon forgotten when I got to the very friendly girls at my favourite Petchaburi coffee shop. After a too spicy lunch, and coffee, and numerous restroom stops later (spicy lunch was indeed very spicy), I passed through Ratchaburi and continued onto rural roads.†

Somewhere along the road, I needed to refill coffee like a car needs gasoline. Looking for that cute small place again, I didn’t have to look for a long time. I quickly found a tiny roadside outlet next to a police station, with a beauitful, and very excited, smiling girl inside. She made the most delicious coffee and before serving it, we had to do a lot of selfies, talking and laughing. This was a great memory for me, and the reason why I had spent so much time and money learning Thai. We hit it off right away, talking like friends that had known eachother for a long time, and her smile was absolutely infectious.†

Sitting outside the tiny shop sipping my coffee, an old pick-up with a handful number of police officers passed by on the way to the adjacent police station. “Farang!” they shouted (a term used to describe foreigners) with a big smile. One of them jumped off and came to talk to me. “You! Where you go, farang?” he stottered with his poor English skills. Naturally, I replied in Thai, and he looked like he had just fallen off the moon’s surface. He called his friends on the radio and asked them to come have a look at the farang, like I was the center attraction of the local circus. I offered them something to drink from the coffee shop, but they politely declined. Instead we did more selfies together (selfies appeared to be very important documenting something at the country side), and then we chatted on for what seemed an eternity. Time was really running out of my hour-glass, and I knew I had to get going on my way.†

I didn’t have any big expectations to what the rest of the day would bring, but I would be truly satisfied just to get the opportunity to meet and say “hello” to a group of people that I would truly call my friends at a village near Kanchanaburi. I had known them now for about 10 years already, and seen them grow up. They have always without exception treated me extraordinary well, with great respect and interest. They are like my brothers, and I think of them like my family. I would do anything in my power to protect them and ensure their happiness. To me, I have always felt accepted as their good friend, and even now when writing this, thinking about them, it really makes me emotional.†

Arriving at the rural village, I was both somewhat nervous (the good kind of nervous) and so excited to meet them again. I had no expectations to what was going to happen, I just wanted to say hello and to show my respect by including them in my holiday trip. Whilst stopping at the local temple to take some pictures, which by the way has become an attraction in itself, an overloaded pick-up truck with friends arrived to greet me. It was so amazing to see their smiling and excited faces, like a group of people that you will never, ever forget.†

After some catching up, trying hard to hide my emotional excitement, they invited me to join them for a trip to a section of the Mae Klong river. I was in no doubt, this sounded like it would be fun. Enroute, we stopped by a local shop to get some supplies to make it even better of a day out.†

Arriving at the river, they launched their water-jetski and we all got into the water. It was perfect! The refreshing river water was just the right kind of cool-down I could have dreamt of. We ate snacks, took hundreds of images to record the auspicious day, played like children in the water, chatted about everything, made a lot of jokes, and laughed throughout the rest of the afternoon. I was really enjoying myself. I could really live the rest of my life just like this.

I had hoped I would not have to ride their water-jetski, because believe me when I say that I have never in my life ridden such a craft. During the couple of years when the resort island of Phuket was my home, I never rode the jetskis there because I didn’t want to end up as just another victim of the world famous, never ending jetski-scam. As these wonderful friends now insisted that I give it a try, after all, as they said, I was the Captain of a big ship, there appeared to be no way I could get out of it. They quickly handed me their lifejacket, gave me a very quick lesson, and then I set off hoping they didn’t notice how much I was shaking of nervousness. But, it was not that difficult, and it was a lot of fun. I had no problem understanding why this could be addictive in a country where it’s summer all year.†

After all that swimming, and just in time before sunset, we returned to their village so that I could spend some time visiting the family of another friend which I felt sad wasn’t at home during this time. This old friend has recently been building a really beautiful new home in contemporary style for his family. As friendly as the people here always are, I was off course invited to spend the night at their village, and I really, really wanted to do so, but since my friend was not at home, and since I also had a few days ago had been invited to enjoy a free night's accomondation at a supposedly luxurious Kanchanaburi resort, this time I could not. There is obviously no secret that I would have very much preferred staying at this village, than any other place.

Let’s hope their generous invitation for a room stands the test of time for my next visit, if and when my friend is home.†

In the next episode of my Captains bLOG, I’ll let you know how that night at a Kanchanaburi resort went, and how that one night free accomondation turned out to be.†

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