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Movies are one of my big passions. While I haven't made anything significant myself (yet), I love heading to the local cinema and seeing the big screen. While I was still living in Bangkok, Thailand, a place where more dreams does in fact come true, I also spent time one year in the jury for the Bangkok International Film Festival. 

For some reason, the films that I enjoy the most are all kinds of local South East Asian films and Sci-Fi thrillers with alien encounters. Hence, my absolutely favorite director is M. Night Shyamalan. 

Cinema in Trondheim is far from the amazing experience of going to the cinema in Bangkok. During the many years Thailand was my home, going to the cinema was one of the top ten things I loved doing in my freetime. Beautiful carpets, great service, chandaliers and clean restrooms - not to mention clean (and very cold) cinemas, super-modern and very customer friendly. In Trondheim, we have a lot to learn when it comes to the movie experience. Stone floors, and dirty woods on the wall, doesn't really give me the same feeling of comfort. Therefore, in Norway, continues to be my primary great source of looking at creativeness, and quite a few hours are spent each week looking at new and old uploads. 

Anyhow, these are some of the films I have recently seen. Have YOU seen any of them, and what do you think of these films… let me know by commenting below! 

London has fallen: The follow-up movie after "Olympus has fallen", this time London will be falling pray to a scary future where terrorists have been able to create a horrific attack on London. I’m left wondering what makes the US President so much easier to keep alive?  

Welcome to Norway: A racistic, but hilarious movie about a group of refugees arriving at a remote refugee camp in Norway. This is one of those films I will remember for a while, much because of the various characters. 

Finally, I went to see James Bond’s latest film, SPECTRE. From the very beginning, it’s not hard seeing that this is a James Bond movie. As that kind of a movie, it’s a good “next episode”, but as an action movie, it’s in my humble opinion just average. Though, I do think that Daniel Craig plays James Bond quite well. 

Bølgen / literally “the wave”: This was a film I had been really looking forward to see for a long time, and being a Norwegian production, it didn’t disappoint me. Naturally, it could always have been better in many ways, but making a film like this in Norway, is huge for our domestic film-industry as well as for me too. I do hope the film can be a hit also internationally, and I look forward to seeing how it will be receievd in International film festivals around the world. It would have been awesome seeing this film in 3D IMAX some day!    

The Martian: Generally, I love all kinds of sci-fi movies and even though this film is great entertainment, it is likely not a film that I will see twice. Initially, I was hoping there would be some scary alien encounters in the movie, but no, this is the stereo-typical one single American hero  not saving the world this time, but saving himself, and becoming a superhero. I would have hoped some more world-uniting acts having been performed, and not the almost usual and predictable plot. 

The Heat: The one and only reason for picking this movie was Melissa McCarthy. I have lately become very fond of her movies and think she is the biggest raising star right now! She is really good! 

The Minions 3D: I guess there is no secret that I’m a huge Minions fan. Seeing the movie in Bangkok in digital 3D was as huge as the film itself. 

Spy: This was actually a funny spy movie, which I liked a lot. Humor and entertainment in a good package. Not scoring a full score, but high enough up on the scale to make it worthwhile.  

IMG 5378

Jurassic World: So, they’re back again! Having seen all the previous films, this is probably by far the best one of them. As I saw it in Bangkok, I naturally opted for the full 3D IMAX experience of the film, something which probably raised the experience up into the skies. I initially sat on row K, but ended up in row M after a few scary dinosaur-moments. 

San Andreas: Initially, this would be right down my alley of films (disaster movies) but for some reason, I just got so sick and tired of the whole one-amazing-American-managing-to-save-the-world-by-himself-because-he-is-just-so-awesome. The film-effects are awesome though. 

Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story: Actually a really good Bollywood-film: funny, romantic and just enough drama. With a passion for everything Indian, this was an enjoyable film for me. I loved it! 


EX_MACHINA: I wanted to see this movie much because it was set in Norway, in the magnificent glass-forest hotel near Gudbrandsjuvet, but also because it is right down my alley of Sci-Fi/Thriller genre. The movie is actually very simple but at the same time, quite good, it’s one of those films you have to pay a little attention but in the end, I didn’t notice that the film had played out for almost 2 hours straight. After the movie, one thing or two things became clear to me: now I know how both Beyonce and Lady Gaga came to us. I had always thought they were slightly out of this world, this was the conformation I had been looking for during all those years. ;-)

The Second Best Marigold Hotel: Probably the movie highlight of 2015 for me personally. Having seen the first “episode” a few times already, I could hardly wait for the follow-up to arrive. The Second Best Marigold Hotel was no disappointment at all. The entire film is packed with all that makes India so incredible: the sounds, the people, the humor, Bollywood dance, beautiful costumes, local traditions, great actors…. I can’t hardly wait to make my own journey to Jaipur and India in the future. Hopefully, in my dream, I would get to meet Dev Patel, the gorgeous Tina Desai as well. It would be even more awesome if I also got to meet the charming Judi Dench and amazing Dame Maggie Smith. Brilliant actors and actresses all throughout. 

So, Guardians of the Galaxy. What can I say? Intitally interesting and great, but man, it was a bit too long for me. Probably not my kind of favorite, but then, the taste of people are always going to be different.

INTERSTELLAR: This movie is long, but interesting all throughout. Must pay attention to the film though, or get lost in the story. I however highly doubt the general public truly understands all the issues raised throughout the movie: quantomtheory and black-hole education in record time. 

Snow White and the Huntsman: Increadible effects in an - somewhat - already familiar story:

Battleship: The best thing about the movie Battleship, apart from the ridicolously quick restart of an old steam ship, was to see the computer graphic scenes of the USS Missouri at sea. What an amazing battleship! 


The Other Woman: Not really down my “alley” of movies but neverthless a really funny “chick-flick”. 

NOAH: So Noah was a bit of a bad guy? Couldn’t stop thinking this was the first “Ark of the Seas”, but otherwise, an enganging movie. 


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 3D

Thor (2011)

The Hobbit - An unexpected journey

The Maleficent



The Hobbit

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (3D)
Last Vegas

Captain America 3D: The Winter Soldier

Non Stop

The Conjuring

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (——probably the best movie of the year!) 

Solan og Ludvig - Jul i Flåklypa

Captain Phillips

Thor - The dark world

Now you see me

World War Z

Pacific Rim

The Elysium

Life of Pi

English Vinglish

The Host

Dark Skies

Olympus Has Fallen

The Hangover Part III

Identity Theft

Star Trek - Into Darkness 3D

The Impossible

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