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Like many millions other people all around the world, I can also say that some parts of the world-wide-web belongs to me. I'm currently running quite a few websites and blogs, in addition to being a member of forums and other sites again.†

Naturally, in the near or far future some of these may run into their natural end-of-life cycles. The end for some of these sites is naturally always dependent on the visitor loads and how popular they will turn out to be.†

Here are some of my sites, for your enjoyment.†

00 ME

This is a Norwegian language only "blog / news-site" for all areas around the fjord where I currently live, the Trondheimsfjord.†

A Norwegian language website which follows the exiting history and future plans of the former hurtigruten-ship Kong Olav.

The “old" personal blog with entries concentrating much on my own life and life's experiences, together with events and findings I personally enjoy. The continuation of this blog is now a part of the homepage you are currently reading, under the tab “Blog”.†

A very polite and active photography webforum with a strong bond and connection to the maritime. This forum was started a handful years ago, and have become a very peopular hang-out for a lot of fine members from all over the world.†

My video-sharing channel where I share my always growing passion in video-making. At the time of writing, I have uploaded 33 videos with a tiny following, and just 78 likes. My dream is that in the future, I will reach a much bigger audience and that there will be a lot more plays, comments, likes and shares.†


My vimeo-channel,†which I did not join 73 years ago, and have posted videos 543 years ago.†
The years indicated here is due to my phone being set to "Thai Buddhist year".†

My old video-sharing channel where I used to share my videos. I no longer upload my videos to this channel any more because of their recent integration with google+. For anyone interested there are however 50 subscribers to my 79 videos, which has seen some 202.439 loads at the time of writing.


Like millions of other users, I'm also sharing photographs on Instagram. You can find me there be searching for pixel_bank on your smart-phone or iPAD Instagram-app. Follow me, and perhaps I'll follow you back.†

In addition to all these sites, I also have some pages and groups on facebook as well. Among the pages that I have there (the three first is in Norwegian language only, the last one is in English language), I would like to mention Canon EOS Fans - Norge, Saving Kong Olav,†Los Anders Holte som ny hurtigrute and CaptainsPixel.

I would like to inform readers that I do not accept "friend-invitations" on facebook to people whom I have no or little connection with, nor hardly any knowledge of.†

Finally, I'm also serving time as a moderator of several web-forums (Thai language) as well as several other pages, and groups. †

Keeping track of me might as you can see, be a bit of a challenge, but in any case, your continued visits, "share's", comments and supports are naturally always highly appreciated.†

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