My Pride, My Thai part 1: The Preparation

It was back in the spring earlier this year (2015) that an opportunity came knocking in my e-mail, and after some truly short deliberation, I simply could not say no. I was asked to return to Thailand to participate as a††onsultant" in a tourism-related project, basically just sharing my personal views and opinions as a fluently Thai/speaking foreign tourist: by Thai standards, a so-called "alien". For my time, opinions and travels, I would be reimbursed for flights and most of the hotel accomodations, as well as some of the other travel expences. An offer I could not refuse, I guess you may call it.†

As I don't consider myself an expert of any kind, I was surprised at this very generous offer, but I spent only about an hour or so to make up my mind. The timing was just perfect, as I did miss Thailand quite a bit at the time, as well as missing some of my best friends there.†

The biggest preparation was actually shredding off some of my weight and ripping up a six pack in record time. I knew I could be featured in some images and perhaps even a video, so I just knew that I had to look my very best. You know, just to make people who never belived in me, actually shit in their pants when seeing how hot I am! (Insert wild laughter anywere here).†

The actual ticketing was done in less than half an hour online. There is always much†excitement†when ordering airline tickets to exotic destinations, and† trying to selct the correct ticket price-wise, class-wise, and to time the flights immediately following and around shift-schedules at my primary job. No wasted time should be spent lingering on airports, or at home. I planned to leave work in Norway and head straight for the airport, and then upon my return, arrive just in time so that I could drop of my suitcase at home before going back to work. Since I had to travel a couple of times, as a long-distance.. ehh†what is the English word?†traveller, I also needed to exchange some of my nightshifts with another collegue to make it work.†

Everything had to go exactly accroding to my precisely laid plan.†

Additionally, all these trips between Trondheim and Bangkok would raise my Eurobonus points to new membership levels (I thought). It would later, as descriebd in a past blog entry, to be of no use as Star Alliance has become alot more crappy than I had ever anticipated. They have an amazing amount of limitations on tickets, types, booking classes, partner airlines and†otherwise†reduced accumulated bonus points on certain departures, flights and airlines.†

Pulling the suitcase up from the basement storage and dusting it off, was an experience in itself. The second step in my travel preparations. If you stick around, you might get to read the rest of the story as well.†

IMG 4320

You know THAT feeling, when you bring the suitcase out of storage.

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