My Pride, My Thai part 7: 200 THB to heaven

For the tiny sum of well below 200THB (not including tip), you can get an hour long roundtrip ticket to heaven at most massage places in Pratunam. Some people can’t stand foot massages, but I'm most definately not one of them. It's amazing! 

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I have had my fair share of hours of foot massage. The first time I tried it, so many years ago, it was a funny and tickly experience, perhaps even bordering uncomfortable. But, after that first time, I soon got addicted. First time is always the worst, they say. 

Now, several decades later, after having tried most of these shops in Pratunam, I have found my very own favorite massage shop along Ratchaprarop Road. I even have my own massage "therapist". I have one that I always use, because I know he's the best.... and I've tried many different ones, but this one is great.

Returning to Bangkok, seeing my" shop and its staff again was like coming home to yet another family-reunion of mine. Most of them were still working there, and despite having thousands of people walking through the doors since last visit, I was instantly recognized and personally welcomed by the manager with a great big smile. To be honest, I really felt like entering the finest first class lounge of an International airline where the staff look upon you as one of their most devoted, faithful flyers. After my first visit back in this shop, I even got a direct mobile-number and an add on chat, in order to make personal appointments directly for my stay in the weeks ahead. Now, that is excellent service with a personal touch.  

Would I like one hour? Naahh.... lets make it two hours, just because three might be too much, but because I need to use their free WiFi, as well as have a tiny little nap. 

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