My Pride, My Thai part 11-B: Coffee Love at Sakon Nakhon

This was supposed to be included in part 11 of My Thai, My Pride-stories, but because this was such a great experience for me, I felt that it deserved it’s very own entry. When I use the term “great”, it's because it is so close to my own personal business-dream. Unique coffee shops in Thailand is popping up like mushrooms in a damp late-summer forest. It may not be such a big surprise after all, when we know that Thailand is one of the top coffee producers of the world. Thailand is particularly big at the production of Robusta coffee, with a 99% share of it’s total production, but also Arabica is widely grown in Thailand. 

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As you perhaps might already know, the Robusta coffee beans are known for its higher bitterness and higher acidity. This coffee bean is particularly used in espresso coffees and other instant coffee-products. For caffeine lovers, Robusta also has an almost twice as high caffeine level and a lot more antioxidants when compared to the Arabica coffee beans. Robusta is also a much tougher coffee bean and less prone to diseases when compared to Arabica. 

Both Sakon Nakhon and many of the other northern cities of Thailand, is well known for their extensive coffee production. Knowing quite a bit about the importance of coffee in advance of my visit, I was therefore extremely happy when my friend Oat brought me to a local coffee house with an overload on the cuteness factor. In Thailand, with one of the world’s most complex-tasting coffees, you would think that a coffee shop would be just a coffee shop, but no, it’s not. A lot of these places opening up are rather small outlets with an amazing creativeness and attractiveness.  They are almost always tended by beautiful, smiling and very friendly staff, and the cuteness factor of the staff and their premises makes it a most wonderful retreat anywhere in the Kingdom. For me personally, coffee and cute coffee houses are very addictive. I can’t help myself: I end up visiting several locations each day, and I get a dose of coffee at each place far above the recommended daily intake. To make it even worse, the sweetness added to the local coffee in form of sugar and other sweeteners, makes it not a healthy choice at all. But, darn, it is so good! 

I was not going to disagree when more coffee came on the agenda. Turning into soi 5 of Rat Patthana Road between a Honda and Yamaha motorcycle dealership, a narrow side street of Rat Patthana Road, I was so surprised when we eventually arrived to see an old teakwood mansion in earthly colours, accented by a beautiful exterior, and attended by a very sweet girl. I was fast falling in love, even before stepping inside "Kham Hom Coffee” (คำหอม). Naturally, they can off course be found on Facebook, and if you google them, you’ll find a lot of great images from -and of- the coffee shop.

It’s no secret that I have a very weak spot for these kinds of places: traditional looking and really old, refurbished teak mansions in dark colours but with a modern and clean accent. Some day in the future, when I will open my own business, this is exactly the dream I once placed on the Kickstarter app and website. 

The coffee, served with genuine Thainess (whatever that actually may be, I don’t know), a young and perhaps innocent Thai smile, was as expected very sweet but just the way I wanted it. It was so refreshing and so delicious, and the atmosphere of the shop made me never want to leave. I’m so honored and pleased to have a friend like Oat, that knew I would love this place and that brought me here. You know you really like the place when it becomes something you can’t forget, even after returning home from your vacation a long time ago. But honestly, is it normal to be this excited by a coffee shop? No matter what you think, I will most definately come back to this place every time when returning to Sakon Nakhon. 

Red spot marks the location. 

Exterior view of ร้านกาแฟคำหอม สกลนคร

A welcome detail.

Cakes and coffee love. Cuteness overloaded. 

Cozy outdoor seating. 

With my big interest in good, old photographs, I really had something to look at. 

The sweet taste of Thai coffee served in a big jug.

The gift shop with handicrafts and locally produced items. 

IMG 4885

Unlike what is normal in Norway, Thai coffee shops and restaurants offer free WiFi for their customers. If there is no WiFi at the premises, I normally find another place that has. 

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