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As time have passed by, I feel that I (at times) have become a whole lot more reflected, perhaps even wiser. Even though, I have my high and low moments, I also find my self occationally in a reflective mood. Life is a wonderful thing that we are all free to live and make useful as we self see fit, despite what others say or do.

We are the CEO (or the Captain) of our own lives, and like a CEO (Captain), we can evaluate all the people in our lives: then promote, demote or terminate. That is the power of each and every one of us. 

Some of these statements might be considered “cheesy", but will in any way serve as a reference for myself when I need some clarity. Hopefully, and knowingly, they will give you - the reader - some clarity as well. As long as your mind is open to receive. 

I have always treasured those that have turned out to become true and caring friends, on my voyage through life. 

Visiting remote places to see other lives, learning other fates, and meeting other people, have always been among the most profound experiences of my life. 

I wouldn’t have changed my life at sea with anyone - it’s been a hard but wonderful cruise.

“Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull up right alongside it”. 

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Nothing can compare to friendships at sea. 

Certain moments bring everlasting memories. 

Having been lost on the road more times than I can count, have always brought me closer to experiences not found in any map. 

Don’t let others decide your path in life. 

Relax. Easy word - difficult task. 

I have been blessed with some good friends giving me life and experiences I would not have been without. 

Happiness isn’t always about how much you have, it’s about enjoying what you ‘do’ have. 

Crystal Cruises brought me around the world in safety and gave me moments that today seem like a different life. 

Never give up, even when the road is difficult and the end can’t be seen. 

The happiest people are those that never fade in history. 

“The absolute truth cannot be realised within the domain of the ordinary mind, and the path beyond the ordinary mind,
all the great wisdom traditions have told us, is through the heart. This path of the heart is devotion." 

Even the ships have changed, the sea is still the same. 

It’s never to late - never. Nothing is too late. 

The mind is an amazing tool - let it free!

It might be hard to remember, but if you do, you will see things differently. 

An image dated February 14th 2555… trying to convey a quote by Bill Fortney that I would profoundly agree to. 

Finding the right place to contemplate is not difficult - anywhere. 

No matter how the river flows around your feet, proceed. 

Capture the world like it’s your own.

Love - that wonderful feeling which resembles spring and new a beginning. 

The mind can both be destructive and productive - you make the choices. 

Disconnecting from the world - digitally and emotionally might set you free. 

Autumn may siginify the “end”, but also a new beginning. 

You have no idea how much truth I have found in this. 

You have this life, this chance - why not try making the absolutely best out of it, and at the same time, enjoy it as much as you can? 

One of my more long-standing adopted favorite quotes that I do try to live by as strictly as I possibly can.

Similarly to what His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, once said: "you should not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace". 

The world is in fact what we make it to be. 

Simply stating that life has to be enjoyed always: every second, minute and hour of each day. 

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People have often asked me “how to” - this is my reply.  

Not everyone will turn out to become true friends, and that neither the idea. 

No need to prove anything - be yourself. 

There are consequences to everything: think about them, and then make your decision. 

Life is like a book - it has a beginning and an end. Fill it with good memories. 

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Disconnect from the world - let your mind flow. 

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If you haven’t grown by any age - you don’t have to. Go have some “sanook” for yourself. 

What do you see in your mirror? What you see, is also what others see. Feel good, be good. 

An image taken of my own bike during summer of 2013, with a relatively famous quote supposedly from Albert Einstein himself. 

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