My Pride, My Thai part 10: From Sisakhet to Sakhon Nakon

I woke up early that morning, I was full of excitement (which is not normal when I’m on vacation anyway). That being said, people do wake up early in the country side. In the many villages around Thailand, where the rhythm of rural life is laid out after the sun, time appears to stop, or slow down dramatically, and not have too much meaning. Out here, the sun is their time-teller: when it sets, it’s soon bedtime, and when it rises, it’s time to get up. People in the country side doesn’t really follow time as we are used to in Norway, or when we are at work at sea, on a ferry or in a big city. Our lives revolve around the clock: having to be somewhere, having to do something or having so little time left before a deadline. 

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Because I was increasingly enjoying my time so much, I did not get underway before noontime. Leaving places where I feel at ease and welcome, has never been one of my stronger sides. There were so many well wishers in this tiny village in Sisakhet province to greet me, and enjoy my time with. It also seems that after some time, everybody finally wants to get their share of this strange-looking alien.  

Noontime arrived, and I eventually started rolling the wheels of the car, the coordinates was first set for the nearby town of Ubon Ratchathani. The route for the rest of the day would take me from Ubon Ratchathani onwards to Phibon Mangsahan, and then north to Sakhon Nakon which also would be my final destination for the day. Expected travel time would turn out to be a lot less than the actual time I spent on the road. As usual, I was in a hurry, but then again, I also was’t in any hurry. 

I continuously found myself stopping by temples, cute coffee shops, roadside food vendors and a handful other places like PTT (that is a separate story for a later blog entry actually). My previously planned time schedule was quickly abolished for «the time it would actually take». I guess it’s not the destination which is the great idea, but the journey itself. I was really enjoying my drive through wonderful landscapes: feeling totally free, unconditionally happy and as always, overly excited. Perhaps it was just all those local, high sugar-content energy drinks I had consumed along the way? 

My previous visit to the city of Sakhon Nakon was probably about 10-12 years ago, and to be very honest, I don’t remember so much from that time. I imagined that this would be a typical rural city not too unlike Ubon, but perhaps quite a bit smaller. Throughout the day, I was in communication with a long time friend, lets call him Oat for now. When I finally arrived at his city, Sakhon Nakon, we decided that it wold be best to met up at Big C, because as he said, I really couldn’t miss it. It would be along the road which I was going. It would be the easiest way to meet up in an unfamiliar place. I think he may have been wondering what took me so long time, he knew my expected arrival time based on my route, but when that time came, and passed, he probably thought I was already lost along the way. Perhaps he was even preparing to send a search and rescue team for me. 

Sun was setting lower and lower on the sky, and I was finally getting close to the city limits. All I had to do now, was to find that Big C supercenter along the road. It should be really easy to see. I was so wrong. I didn’t see any Big C, and before I knew it, I was already in the narrow city streets of a charming town. I was really unfamiliar with the lay out, the traffic flow and everything there in general. My navigator skills really came to good use again in this most unfamiliar territory, as I pinpointed the setting sun on the sky. By phone, we decided that I should find an easy place to describe, and that Oat would find me and pick me up there. 

After a short while, I found what I considered to be a distinct place, near a park, described it by phone and almost before I managed to hang up, Oat pulled up with his car alongside my car. It was so amazing seeing this old friend of mine, truly heart warming. I have nothing but admiration and respect for this wonderful person. I think he is one of the absolutely most wonderful Thai people I have ever had the honour of calling a friend. This guy is also above-average business clever and eager to understand everything in life. And the best thing of all, he’s got a great sense of humour too. I think the best times in life is when you get to meet friends you haven’t seen for a while, but that have kept in touch if not daily, but on a weekly basis. People like these are truly valuable, worth much more than the value of anything earthly.  

As the years since I moved from Thailand is quickly progressing, it would be natural that I loose contact with some people. They get settled into their own lives, get married, get children, new jobs and may not be on social medias like Facebook so often. Without Facebook, and this is where I think it is absolutely genius, I would most likely have lost contact with a lot more people. Exchanging regular e-mails doesn’t really work as well as direct messaging through for example Line and Facebook. Also, another clever thing with Facebook, you can easily see who actually ignores you again and again by not replying to your messages or posts. 

The rest of the evening was spent catching up on so many things, dining and a little bit of late night city sightseeing. For me, it was a most enjoyable night in every single respect of the word. For some strange reason I felt so at ease and safe here in this north eastern city. There was an abundant number of motifs I could imagine photographing in the future: old buildings, spectacular temples and off course, the city pillars. This was indeed a place I would like to come back to many times in the future. 

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