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As mentioned another place here on my site, I do have both a youtube and a vimeo-channel. Though, the youtube channel is no longer attended to, it still contains some films that I haven't uploaded to vimeo. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who takes time to see my films, that "likes" and "share" my films, and those that actually take time to add some nice and encouranging comments. 

I do love making films, and since a long while ago in Thailand, I have been dreaming of making my own, longer feature film. I'm dreaming of several documentaries and a couple of other touching stories. Till this day, they remain at the stage of dreams… but one day, one beautiful day, you better be watching out for me. I guess I need to come into touch with someone creative in my city to create a companionship and friendship with a common goal.

My sample films uploaded to, please see below: please ensure you click HD at the bottom of the screenshot for best quality - enjoy your watching. 

The latest video will hopefully always be the one above all the other samples. I hope that you enjoy following my channel and I certainly hope that you see a change, and improvement in their execution as I continue to learn and experiment. 

I would also like to say thank you very much for the generous “Abu Dahbi-donation” in my tip-jar at vimeo, which eventually will be put towards a new year of vimeoPLUS, perhaps a movie rail system or the all new GoPro4.

UPDATE AUGUST 12TH 2015: Not that I ever made a whole lot of millions on it, but the tip-jar function in vimeo has now been discontinued. I guess the feature was never noticed by many, and to expencive for vimeo to administer.

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Creativity drought in a wet car wash. 

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