My Achievements

This would by many possibly be seen as my official bragging-page on my website, but for me, an important page trying to recall some of my proudest moments in life.

As in anyone's life, we all have our low-points as well as our proud moments. I honestly feel that instead of dwelling on the low-points in life, let us all rejoice in all the happy experiences that makes "you truly you". 


October 2011

One of my big achievements as a photographer, was when NRK (Norwgeian Broadcasting Corporation) wanted to use a couple of my private photographs for their DVD-cover of the film "Hurtigruten Minutt for Minutt". I had never in my life thought that a picture I had taken, would be used on a DVD-cover and printed in hundreds, if not thousands, copies. I still giggle when I see the film in the shelves at Rema1000. 

2011 10 29DVD1-COPY


June 2013

Another high-point was my contact with Snøhetta Architects in Norway. A few years ago, I had photographed one of their beautiful buildings at Dovrefjell, and they wanted to use some of the images that I made, in a very large International Architects Exposition in Barcelona, Spain. About a year or so later, I was once again contacted by Snøhetta for some more photographic works. This time, they would like to use my photos in a German book about modern European architecture. Naturally, and without any doubt in my mind, I'm really proud to be associated by world renovned architects like the people at Snøhetta. 

2013 06 03-WOOD-SNOHETTA-small

On June 3rd 2013, a surprise parcel was received at my mail-box: the book where three of my photograpgs were featured across 3 pages of the German book WOOD - Architecture now!


November 2013

Funny story. A magazine drops into my mailbox, and I put it aside for "later reading" thinking it's another magazine begging for subscribers. A week later, I look through the magazine, and I notice that there is a familiar photo. One of my photos. In a National Geographic magazine! It may not be a big thing for many people, but for me it's a very proud moment, as it is my first photograph to feature in a National Geographic magazine. This is a keeper for me!

I was totally surprised to see my photographs featured in a National Geographic magazine. 

September 2014

This time I’m so proud to add Brødrene Aa, a high speed craft builder in Hyen, Norway, to my list of customers, as they bought three images from my works. The images included two of the ships which they have built for Fosen Namsos Sjø, a Norwegian maritime transport company located in Trondheim, the ships named Terningen and Osenfjord. As the images are entered into their archives, they have already appeared in several publications and magazines, in addition to being their coverphoto on Facebook. 

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