Winter is just around the corner

This morning, as I woke up, I felt the living room floor was a little bit colder than usual. Looking outside, I understood why. The first night of frost had fallen upon us, and I write October 5th 2015 in my calendar. Checking the temperature, it was just above freezing with one single degree plus. A quick breakfast later, I was on my way out the door with no time to waste. The hike for the day went straight into the forest. 

Later in the afternoon, it will once again be time to return to what I now best can say is my second home: work. It appears that lately, I have been working harder in order to play harder later.  Tomorrow, straight from night watch, I will also have to join another vessel in town for liferaft training. Perhaps, if time allows, there will be some pictures to share? 

Good night and wish me all kinds of safety as I do my best at bringing people back and forth across the fjord throughout the entire night. 

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