When Symphony met Serenity

Once upon a time not too long ago, at 03:40 in the morning of July 14th 2003 to be exact, the Crystal Serenity was disembarking their pilot by Færder Lighthouse. The day before, July 13th, they had done their maiden call to Oslo, Norway. As the Crystal Serenity were disembarking their pilot and continuing towards Skagerak, we, the Crystal Symhony, were picking up our pilot. We were on the way to Oslo, and would arrive at Akershus cruisue-dock later that morning. 

This was the very first time the Crystal Symphony and newly delivered Crystal Serenity met at sea. And what an amazing Norwegian summer morning it was: dead calm, and with a full moon! Since it was in the middle of the night, only a couple of flashes with the ship’s search lights were exchanged between the two ships.

A lot of my Crystal family were up however, on both ships… to witness this auspicious occasion. These are just two of the images I took that night, scaled down quite a bit to fit this page off course. 

Crystal Serenity off Faerder pilot station 2003 07 14 03

Crystal Serenity off Faerder pilot station 2003 07 14 06

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