What is going on at Facebook?

So, I wonder what is going on at Facebook…? In a couple of days time, it will be a whopping 14 months since I last logged in. What an achievement! I never thought I would be able to go that far without curiosity killing me. This started for me as a small, personal experiment, in order to find out if I really had guts enough to take control over my own life and the way I spend my time.†

Right now, I feel no urge to return, even though Facebook keeps on sending me e-mails to peak my interest. Some of these e-mails are really speculative and created in a very special way to really get you back on the book. In the beginning, there was many e-mails, then for a while, they nearly stopped coming, but in the past month, they have increased dramatically in frequency. As time goes, they become rather desperate in trying to make me log in again - I †alsmot feel like they really want to reconnect and start logging all my interests, likes and activities again.

One thing I also stated at the start of this†experiment was that if I didn’t log in for 12 months, I would go ahead and delete my profile. I’m not there yet.†

Am I tempted at logging in again and reading those 47+ messages? Yes, naturally - but, will I?

Its also interesting to note that the Norwegian Chief of Intelligence is warning people against un-crititcal use of social media such as Facebook and Google. A female French journalist recently asked Tinder to send her all the information they had logged about her. This is possible for anyone because of a law in Europe/EU that gives anyone the right to obtain all information such companies log about them. She got 800 printed pages back! That is an insane, and shocking amount of personal information if you ask me. I wonder if I can ask Facebook for the same - how many pages will that be?†

Comments on my bLOG-entry? I’d love to hear from you!†

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