Viking Sea at Kristiansund

As a wonderful year soon comes to a close, I sit down and look back at the greatest moments. One of those great memories will forever be the visit on board the almost new VIKING SEA when she came to Kristiansund, Norway, on 30th of June 2016. I was invited on board by a great friend and colleague I hadn’t seen for almost 16-17 years. It’s amazing that there are still people out there remembering me, and wants to catch up after all these years. A lot of water has passed under our keel’s since that time, and it was utterly enjoyable not only to visit this fine ship, but also to talk about old times. And the great part,not only did I get to see the friend I came to see, but I also got to meet quite a few other people I had also sailed with in the past. My time on cruise ships is most likely in the past, but visits like these make me remember and perhpas dream, that there is still a place for me some day.†

Naturally, I came to Kristiansund early enough to capture some shots of her arrvial and I did some shots on board, though, it was really hard to take more pictures on board because we had so much to talk about as well.†

And you know, perhaps the best thing about the visit? Realizing that Viking Ocean Cruises is so close to the old spirit of former Royal Viking Line… I almost thought I had been brought back in time to the Royal Viking days, in a much more modern and updated, and very stylish vessel.†

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