Unbe-freakin-believeable Spotify

Thank heaven I have never signed up to use Spotify, and neither will I ever. I just hope and pray that everybody that previously did use Spotify, or sign up, that they will end their memebrships immediately in response to their outrageous new user agreement!. According to media-reports these days, the new user agreement for Spotify requests free ACCESS to ALL your photos on your phone, AND free access to all your conatcts as well.†

There is a crucial principle here. If they get away with this demands, other companies will follow suit very fast, and nothing (I mean NOTHING) will be private anymore. Huge and greedy corportaions will take all your information and sell it, use it and do what they want with it.†

Some former users are now indicating that Spotify is acting like a jealous ex-girlfriend, snooping around.†

The CEO is saying “sorry”:†https://news.spotify.com/us/2015/08/21/sorry-2/†and uses the industry standard excuses.†

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