I have no idea whether you have already peaked a visit at my trip-report from the summer last year, 2014, which I have started posting at CaptainsVoyage Forum. The trip-report is called The 2014 Summer Escape to the western coast (click and a new window will take you to the first page of the thread).†

This evening, I posted some images from the Trollveggen (literally the wall of the trolls), you can find them all in large format at page 4 of the thread.†

The trip in itself was a dream come true in every single meaning of the word. The walk was very hard, across so much terrain and different landscapes, under blue skies and a burning sun. I gave up already after having negotiated the first steep climb, but seeing a young boy fly by me, I was encouraged to continue all the way to the final destination.†

The hike started at 11 AM by Trollstigen visitors center, I reached the top between 4 and 4:30 PM, and was back at the visitors center just before 9 in the evening. Returning to the visitors center of Trollstigen, my legs were killing me, I was dehydrated, hungry, tired, and my body was aching in places I didn’t even know excisted. A total of 34-35 kilomteres had been hiked throughout the mountains that day.†

Despite all the pain, it was a dream come true. I don’t think there is a suitable word to fully describe the beauty of the day and the trip. The weather could not have been better in any way either. Everything was just perfect. While hiking in these spectacular mountains, you are taken as far away from reality as you possibly can be. No wars, no terror, no rapes and no crimes …. nothing really matters up there. There is just peace and tranquility, clean nature, you and your thoughts are all alone.

For my blog, if you really don’t care to visit page 4 of my summer report at CaptainsVoyage Forum, here are just a few samples for you to enjoy (in much smaller format).†

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