Today’s post-nightwatch flight

This morning was a beautiful morning with lots of sunlight and knowing that a veteran vessel was in town, I decided to make a really quick stop at the port prior to other engagements, such as changing to summer tires on the car and having Toyota repairing their repairs from last week. I don’t seem to get a brake when it comes to unwanted expences and cars: the repairs done last week had to be repaired again today (thankfully, Toyota redid the job for free) but when changing from winter tires to summer tires, one of the wheel-bolts decided to act up by refusing to fit the wheel base. I’m crossing my fingers the Chief Engineer can fix it for me tomorrow, otherwise, it’ll be an expencive repair-job that has to be done again.†

Anyhow, back to the main subject of the bLOG entry of today. The flight of today. I had extremely limited time available, and for the first time ever, I flew over water and quite a bit from land - WITHOUT feeling terribly anxious at all. All went well during the flight and I managed to capture some pretty cool shots this time. I have become really confident with my wings and equipment by now: next (gigantic) step will be to go airborn from my own moving ship. No time fame can be promised for when that flight will actually occur. †

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