To falling in love...

As you all probably know from own experiences, falling in love is a wonderful feeling. Think of the moment when you see something/someone, and you immediately feel the butterflies start tickling you from inside-out. Had Norway been a country with more warmer year-round climate, or had I still been living in Thailand, this is a love-affair I would most likely walk across mountains to enter into. These beautiful VW’s when fully restored to perfection, are so increadibly cute. The below example which appeared recently in a VW-fan group, is no less amazing. Even the colour-scheme is perfect and in accordance with my dreams. This one has it everything: the double frontwindows with opening, glass-panoramic roof details, as well as double sidedoors. ††

Some years ago, there was a similar VW listed for sale at a Norwegian second hand site, for the asking price of 300.000 NOK, fully restored. Gawd - it was so beautiful, and needless to say, it wasn’t listed for long before the SOLD sticker came on the listing.†


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