Three favorites of Michael Jackson

After so many years of hearing about Michael Jackson, it still a bit strange that this great singer is no longer. A highly debated and perhaps a tad insane personality, but man, this man really knew how to make music and dance back in the 80’s. Truly an icon of the times.

I still recall saving my week-money (“ukepenger”) for many weeks, to be able buying one of my first casette tapes (yes, this is long before CD’s were even invented), the great Thriller album. I have a couple of favourites, and the below three are perhaps those that I feel is the most memorable for me.†

They Don’t Care About Us†

Mostly because I have always been a big sucker for drums, and drum rolls, but also because of the way this MV is shot, edited and put together. From my time sailing around the world on world cruises, I also remember these drummers from Rio De Janeiro - seeing them in real was an experience I certainly would like to see again. I can literally watch this particular MV in a loop for hours.†

Notice also that in the end scene, MJ dances in front of Hotel Pelourinho, a World Heritage Site, in Salvador De Bahia (read more here). One of my dreams is to visit this place once in my life - though it is not very likely.†


I really don’t know why this is actually one of my favourites, but I do like the MV very much. It’s almost like a Dinsey- tale /ET-story (from the movie ET that is) in execution, but perhaps I like the song because it’s also got an underlying important message? But, oh my, MJ certainly looks like a woman in this MV.†

Earth Song

This song and this MV has an important message and for that reason I will always remember it as one of the great ones. Why this MV has not become a symbol of our destruction of the earth, or actively used by environmetalists, is for me a mystery.†

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