This is my Christmas

As usual have now become, I will again be working for most parts of the Christmas holiday this year. I seem to be very unlucky with my work shifts, ending with Christmas on baord each year. But, I’m not complaining though. Christmas means lots of overtime, Christmas Eve at home this year, and New Years Eve during next free periode.

Oh, I do miss those Christmas times when I sailed on cruiseships around the world, where all the crew got treated by the cruiseline with extra nice foods, big buffets, crew competitions, Christmas gifts, crew parties, crew talent shows, and extra special decorations everywhere. Those were the glorious days of cruising indeed. Now, there are no special celebrations on board, no special food, nothing to share with my crew: as long as we do not purchase and arrange something ourselves that is. We are there just to do a job, like every other night and day of the year, nothing else. ††

Anyhow. With my apartment now cleaned all over for Christmas, and with all my decorations out, this is MY Christmas holiday. All I need right now, is the Christmas tree. And I think I might give up the real tree this year, and go for the plastic alternative. For the first time, plastic is being seriously considered.†

How about you? Plastic or a real tree?†

OUR CAPTAIN is always correct. Misinformed perhaps, lazy, cheeky, and even occasionally stupid, BUT, never wrong.†

Last night watch, we mounted the Christmas star on top of the bridge deck, just in time for first Sunday of advent.†

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