There is no future for Norwegian seamen… 

… and nobody seems to care. In all silence, it’s like a repeat of the late 1980’s flag out and replacement of Norwegian seamen around the world. What does the government do with the problem of foreign workers on Norwegian flagged ships, including ships trading in Norwegian waters? Nothing. Nada. 

In Brazil, the story is quite different. They, as a country protect their seamen by strictly enforcing Brazilian crew only on Brazilian ships. I would suppose that if something like this were ever to be discussed in Norway, we would be called racists. 

In this Norwegian article, we read the story about the last Norwegian flagged tanker having its flag replaced. 

Den siste tankeren med norske flagg

Maskinist Nils-Roar Selnes (45) ser med tristhet på utviklingen i norsk sjøfart. Shuttle tankeren "Stena Alexita" reiser nå under norsk flagg for siste gang. 


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