The vanishing Bangkok

Some time back, I created and shared a blog entry about the vanishing teak-mansions of Bangkok (see here). I think it’s really sad to see this beautiful places disappear: they are increadibly ornate, and shows a small part of the rich history of Thailand. I have no actual numbers to show to: I really have no idea how many of these teak mansions are still standing. I know of a handful, but there is probably quite a few more spread over the vast landmass called Bangkok.†

The below are some recent articles from Bangkok Post in the past six months, where the most discussed and widely shared is the article about the 80-year old Buddhist nun which turned downed an offer of 85 million THB for her 152 year old crumbling teak mansion in Thon Buri district of Bangkok.†

The owner, Second Lieutenant Kannikar Chomsiri declined at least three offers for her land, located close to Wong Wian Yai elevated train station. Developers wanted to buy her out, to turn her plot of valuable land into another high rise condominium. Her reason behind declining the massive sum for her land, was that it was the land of her ancestors, and that it had a rich history. During World War 2 for example, the property was rented by Chinese and Indian people who sought refuge. Her ancestors had worked extremely hard to be able to build the mansion 152 years ago, and was not for sale at any price. Sadly, falling debris from construction sites around her property had also seriously damaged the roof, and her water drainage canals had been blocked. Still to this day, nine family members are living in the house, none of which wants to seel the house and land because of the links to its past.

The nun’s, and her family’s stand against the developers is admirable, truly touching, and shows that money is not everything in life.†

The final image I would like to share is of two side-by-side old mansions located riverside Chao Phraya, the River of Kings, just opposite my Bangkok home at Chatrium Riverside. May they remain there in great conditions for many more decades to come!†

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