The end of HS-TEH

Through this year, I guess it’s no longer a big secret that I have given my passion for the airline-industry a serious rebirth: In every available moment, I find myself studying, reading about, thinking about and dreaming about aircrafts, airlines and airline operations. Additionally, I don’t think I really need to say which airline is my favourite airline. I leave it all up to you to make a guess. They may not be the worlds best airline in ratings, they may not be the perfect choice for absolutely everyone, but for me personally, there is something about this airline that makes my heart jump a beat or two.†

Recently, I saw an old familiar aircraft parked at Suwarnabhumi airport, and based on information I have gathered, this is an Airbus 330-300. It’s definately not the slightly smaller 330-200. If my assumptions are correct, this could be the former HS-TEH - Said Buri - being prepared for scrapping. Sai Buri was withdrawn from service on 31st of March 2015. Another option could be HS-TEG “Lam Plai Mat", also an A330-300, but which was withdrawn from service on November 12th 2014.†

Dang, if I only had a garage or parking space big enough, and anough funds off course, I would have loved buying this aircraft and converted it into a home for myself.†

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