the Bonus bLOG-entry

Everybody likes a bonus, even though many doesn’t like to admit it. Therefore, consider this as your bonus entry: Clarion Hotel and Congress Trondheim, at Brattøra in Port of Trondheim. The massive 400-room hotel sitting on the edge of the Trondheimsfjord opened back in April 2012 and has 3000 square meters of convention area. It’s closest neighbour is Pierbadet: a number of heated swimming pools for the community with a glass wall towards the fjord. 

Even though I have never spent a night at this hotel, and therefore can’t say anything about the comfort or the service experienced, I have at numerous occasions during summer months been to the roof bar to enjoy the fjord-view (as if I never got enough working on the fjord). I have also attended a couple of conventions at the hotel, and had dinner there. The food was at least great during my visit. 

There is a (so far) 32 post long thread about the hotel on CaptainsVoyage forum

In the foreground of these images, you can also see the old “Tollhuset” (literally “the customs house”), a building that has been there since 1910 as far as I can see. Tollhuset is a building that was built in the so-called “Jugend-style”. From old maps of the port area during that time, we can see that approximately where the road between the hotel and the sutoms house today is, used to be the edge of the dockside. 

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