The best birthday party EVER

July 24th is soon coming to an end, a new day and a brand new year is about to start for this old engine. As I count my many blessings and while I feel truly privileged to having met so many wondeful people in my life, memories of what I think was the best birthday party EVER returns to mind.

The ship was off course the incomparable SS Norway and the year was sometime in the early 90’s. In my long life at sea, on board many ships, the SS Norway was always “the one” for me. She is now gone forever, crudely cut up for scrap and sold as inexpencive nails at hardware stores all over the world. Her memory will however always be an extremely important part of my past. I often wake up after a nightmare, thinking “why did we let this happen?” This ship should never have been scrapped - it’s such a terrible crime because there is absolutely no chance a ship like her will EVER be built again.†

While the ship was undoubtedly incredible, her deck and engine crew was also an outstanding group of people. Many of these wonderful people, who called the SS Norway a home, still keep regular contact till this day. With the help of social media like for example Facebook, we are able to stay in touch on a weekly and monthly basis, despite the fact that 2 decades have soon passed since we sailed together. I’m so honored and thankful to stay in touch with all of you wonderful friends and†tunay na kaibigan.†

As today soon becomes tomorrow, I would like to take this more than perfect opportunity to send my most sincere blessings, love and admiration to everyone that still keeps in touch on a regular basis, either through SKYPE, Facebook or through other means.†

No words can express, no act of gratitude can relay, no gift can represent what your love and support have meant to me. Please accept this note as an indicator of my heartfelt appreciation for everything you are.

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