Teaser on board the Albatros

Today, Sunday 23rd of August 2015, while the Albatros was in Trondheim for their single visit this year, I had the opportunity to visit an old and very good friend of mine. Before we went ashore to give him some time away from the ship, we did a quick walk-around the ship so that I could bring you some shots from on board.

This ship is as young/old as I am…. actually, I’m one year older than the ship. She is considered to be a true classic, and doesn’t even come close to the glitzy, shiny and super modern ships of today. That is not a bad thing: rather quite the opposite. She is a breath of fresh air in the fleet of generically similar ships. If I could choose to go on a ship for a cruise, this would indeed be one of the top three on my list.†

I’m showing just two images here in my blog, the remaining images will be presented in the ship’s 11-page long, own thread at CaptainsVoyage Forum (naturally). As you may agree, a teaser is nothing more than a teaser.†

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