Stretching the B777

According to reports in several medias on the Internet, the Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing is planning to †make a larger, 4-engine version of their extremely popular Boeing 777. As far as I can see, the projected name for the new, larger version is 777-10X, and will be trying to battle the market shares of the Airbus 380. A twin-engine Boeing 777-900 is also on the drawing board and much closer to a possible launch date.†

From various sources, it appears as the new 777-10X should be able to have a passenger carrying capacity around 450 passengers, while the A380 carries between 489 and 517.†

Currently, the largest operator of Boeing 777 is Emirates with orders for some 289 aircrafts, 150 of those are also upgraded 777X-versions. No comments whether Emirates are interested in the new, stretched version of the 777, has been published.†

With the pitch turning towards the 777, I guess it’s just a matter of time before the last Boeing 747 Queen of the Skies is parked for good.†

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