Sometimes a petrol head

I think I can safely be called a self-proclaimed petrol head. I do love watching Top Gear (the original trio), and I do find cars to be a whole lot more than just means of transportation. That being said, Norway is perhaps not the best place to announce you like cars. In this country, and the way things are going now, I get a sense that Im some kind of  criminal because of my love for cars that runs on gasoline and diesel. Times are fast changing here, and the environmental minority government now wants us to drop the cars and take the overcrowded buses that are irregular and unreliable instead. As a thank you from them, the more cars that are removed off the roads, the more our bus serivces are reduced.

The below two images are so increadibly wide apart: the first one is absolutely something I could see myself driving, while the second one would be like going out on the street in Hollywood wearing some kind of animal fur as fashion (which is looked upon as totally unacceptable in 2016).  

Anyone else dare to admit they are even a tiny bit 
petrol head? 

IMG 0651

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