Some parts of the SS Norway

As I described in my previous blog entry, one of my greatest experiences and passions in life is/was the SS Norway. Now that she is all but gone, and at times when I think of her, I feel an absolute unfathomable sorrow. Sorrow and despair, because the maritime world have destroyed one of the finest, and last great maritime achievement of modern times, and because we have removed something from the earth that will never, ever again be built. Every single day of my life, she is a part of my mind and I think that she will forever be a great part of me. She, the SS Norway, was unique and magnificent in every possible way a mass of steel, a ship could be. If you never got to experience her, never got to sail on her, or work on her, you will unfortunately never be able to fully understand.†

Standing on her bridge on watch as an officer, thundering through the Atlantic at a solid 25 knots, with the bow a good 75 meters away, was an amazingly thrilling experience. This experience I will never ever get back, this experience I will never get to relive ever again. It’s like the passing of a close relative, I’m feeling it’s hard to accept what happened to the ship, almost like when someone you loved dearly, passed away.†

Thankfully, I do have some parts of her in my apartment here in Trondheim that serves as a constant reminder of how important she has been, and still is, in my life, and how much she has meant, and means, to me. If it wasn’t for the SS Norway, I would probably never have become a seaman, and I would never have had the life that I have had so far. My life would have been so very different.†

2014 11 22-SSN-IMG 7406

After having served on board the SS Norway for years, some parts of the ship ended up in safety with me.

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