Shipping at Trondheimsfjorden

These are some images from September, when the light was more prominent. The first as well as the second image were taken with a 600mm Canon lens from great distance. I have to admit that the graininess of the second image bothers me a bit, but it was literally completely dark outside. The only way to get that shot from a moving ship, was to cranck up the ISO considerably. 

This next image, was taken too late. I was going to daywatch that morning and noticed an incoming SMS message just before I had to go to work. By then, the brand new ferry Ytteroy had already approached the port, and with morning traffic slow, I had no chance in the world to catch her before docking. Had I noticed the message only 10 minutes earlier, I would have been able to capture her before she hid behind the dock. 

Ytteroy belongs to Fosen Namsos Sjø of Trondheim, a former employer of mine, and will sail from Levanger to Ytterøy deeper inside the Trondheimsfjord. 

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