Shame on Adobe

For my birthday in 2012, some of my very best Thai friends bought me a one year subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud which gave me full access to all the wonderful Adobe applications for a full year, including Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Extended.†

After that year however, it was time for me to pay the subscription myself or leave Creative Cloud. Leaving Creative Cloud was a hard thing to do, so I opted to continue my subscription.†

During my first “gift-year”, my friends paid something like 200 NOK per month. Now, as a very kind “thank you” from Adobe for being a member for a year, they demanded me paying a full 450 NOK per month onwards. I would think, that if you are a customer with someone for a period of time, you will get a better and better deal as time goes. That is however not the way Adobe do their business. They will offer you lower rates the first year, and in the following years, they will double the subscription fees.†

That is not the only greatly negative thing with Adobe, they also have very different prices depending on your country of residence. Now, to me, that is discrimination. Norwegian subscribers naturally pay a whole lot higher price on the same service as many other countries. Is it because we have oil and are considered a rich country?

My last big complaint about Adobe is that in the past 5 months, they have informed me TWO TIMES, that someone hacked into their server and stole my credit card information, and that I should change my password immediately. When I changed my password, all my installed applications failed to initialize. After spending more than 3 hours with online support from India, and having their respresentative snooting around my computer for problems (twice), they eventually told me to call (by phone) customer support in my own country. Naturally, that office doesn’t take support-calls any longer, and my call was transferred to their UK call center. The bill for that call nearly came to the price of two whole months subscription. I asked them to refund my membership fee because I was not able to use Creative Cloud for 3,5 weeks and because of their security breach, I was forced to spend a lot of time and money on solving the issue.†

Guess what?†

Do you think that a gigantic American company called Adobe would admit to any wrong-doing, or eventually refund, or reimburse my membership fee?†

Absolutely not. They told me pretty straight out that they have no compassion for problems their users experience during their subscription time.†

They didn’t even want to apologise.†

That is why I say “Shame on Adobe”!†


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