Scandinavian Airlines A330-300

While my favourite airline, Thai Airways (THAI), have parked all their un-economical, gas-guzzling A340’s they still have a total of 10 A330’s in service. At Scandinavian Airlines, their Star Alliance-partner, they also use eight in the A330-series, in addition to eight A340’s. The A330 and A340 fleet at Scanidnavian Airlines (SAS) is making up their long-haul fleet of aircrafts. Recently, I was lucky enough to come close to these impressive looking machines - close enough to smell the wonderful jetfuel emissions! 

In the image below, we see LN-RKR, an A330-300 which answers to the name TORE VIKING just after touching down from America at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The aircraft is powered by two RR Trent 700-engines and entered service in September 2015, leased from an “unknown" (to me) company. 

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