Saturday Thai humor

It’s Saturday afternoon, it’s raining and blowing outside - one of those great days you can spend the morning in the gym, and afternoon drinking coffee and surfing the Internet, maybe even creating a blog entry or two. As I have put Facebook more or ess behind me, there is not strong “urge” to check the newsfeed any more. I haven’t logged on for nearly 3 weeks now, maybe even 3,5 weeks. Hence, I have no idea what’s going on in the world, except from the fact that Fidel Castro has passed away today (that I found out in the other media, not the social media).†

Here are some animations to lift the spirit of my readers, the handful number of persons you are. The humor is Thai, so you may not fully understand the “pun”, but I’m willing to explain them if you need. Have a great weekend!†



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