Returning back to your hometown

Like salmon returning to the river they were born, also the magnificent cruiseship Serenissima returns each year to the town where it was built more than 50 years ago. The Serenissima was a true Trondheim-ship: built in the town on the banks of the Nidelven river and managed for the main part of her Hurtigruten years by a well known Trondheim shipping company (which sadly does not excisit in the way it used to). In her later years sailing as a Hurtigrute-ship, she had to carry Tromsø as her home port, and as soon as she was retired from the Norwegian coastal service, all attempts at returning her to Trondheim failed. She ended up sailing expidition cruises all over the world as Andrea for an American company, until their operations came to a halt. Then, after years in lay-up, she was eventually saved and carefully restored, remastered and reborn as the even more magnificent Serenissima. 

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