Ranheim elementary school

Yesterday I had a free moment to go mountain top hiking with heavy equipment… a very strenous climb with 10+ kg of gear in 28 degrees and under blue skies. But, I made it. I had a suspicion that it might not have been the perfect day to do these shots, as the heat radiating off the ground would distort the image when shooting across extreme distances. Therefore, the sharpness of the image suffers a little, but that being said, they still show Trondheim through a perspective which perhaps not many have seen their own city. 

The below selected image was taken from a distance of 3705 meters (position of camera to school building). That is nearly 4 kilometers! The building is Ranheim elementary school (Ranheim skole) which was completed only a few years ago. In the foreground, you can also see the new residential apartments of Ranheimsfjæra, and in the left bottom corner, Ranheim football stadium. This entire area of Ranheim just outside Trondheim city, has changed dramatically the past 5-10 years, and it’s still changing fast. 

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