Oceanic whitetips

In my humble opinion, one of the best websites on the Internet, are the pages of National Geographic. Quite often, articles which truly tickles my fancy comes up, with great background information and with some quite so stunning images as well. The photographs featured in most articles are inspiring and very creatively done by true legends and some new-comers to the imaging-industry.†

Recently, they also featured an article on the “Oceanic whitetips”… which we humans have brought to the brink of extinction. I do not want to be overly stereo-typical, but as many people know, there is one country in particular which doesn’t really bother whether these sharks disappear for good or not, as long as they get their precious shark fin soup. It angers me beyond words that greed of humans bring so many spieces to extinction: sharks included.†

I would like to recommend you all to spend the next 10-15 minutes reading this story on National Geographic. The article can be found by clicking the image below.†

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