My Toyota Hilux is not so unbreakable 

The Toyota Hilux has a long standing reputation to be nearly indestructible, and even the boys at Top Gear managed to sucessfully kill their older version Hilux. The new Hilux is said to be of the same tough quality. But, and there is always the “but”. 

Apparently, I never seem to get a brake from things going wrong with cars I own in Norway. Many years ago, I was struggling a monthly battle with my Opel Vectra and it’s more than regular brake-down tantrums. My Hilux has been pretty tough so far, but last week, I thought the water pump started leaking. The result was loss of engine cooling, and cabin heating. This is THE nightmare of a brake down. Especially since the waterpump and the timerbelt was replaced as late as LAST YEAR. They are supposed to last for 5 years at least on this model. If this was the case, the water pump lasted just 14-15 months! I wouldn’t have been crying so much if this was a small and inexpencive job, but this is something that is insanely expensive and the cost of repairing this again now, was not something I needed. Naturally, repairs of this magnitude is never “needed" by anybody.  

I really wish I could live without a car, because in Norway, it is very expensive to own and drive a car. In addition, we are terrible people polluting the environment, especially if we have a diesel powered car. Terrible, terrible people. The “funny” thing is also that my Hilux in Thailand never had any problems like this. It ran like a clock for all the years I had it. 

Hopefully, my car will be finished from the repair works tomorrow afternoon, but my wallet will indeed bleed at the dealership. My (T)HAILUX is definately not as INDESTRUCTABLE as rumors would have it after all. 

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