My 28-70mm f2.8L lens

Yesterday, on a fresh afternoon walk outside, I noticed that my 26 or 27 year old Canon 28-70mm/f2.8L lens was not working properly. When trying to use the zoom, it would occationally get stuck at about 50mm, and the outer barrel which is ejected when you zoom in to 28mm felt quite loose. It felt almost as if there was a loose screw inside, though I could not hear anything when I gently shook the lens. Anyway, as I no can’t use the lens, there was no other option than to ship it to Foto Care AS outside Oslo which are handling repairs of many brands, including Canon.†

Through communication with them on the service-request form, and as I was actually fully aware of already, this lens has been out of production for a long time, and parts might therefore be hard to find.†

I’m not having great luck this month: first a major car repair, then an unknown cost camera-lens repair.†

This lens has seen so much, and been with me for so many years. I bought it some time back in 1989 in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and the price back then was 2.050US$. I remember it so well, because that was way higher than my tiny blue-boy salary at the time. The lens has been with me around the world more times than I have fingers on both hands, been with me for all the years I lived in South East Asia and on almost all travels. I have probably taken several hundred thousands of images with it.†

It’s almost like loosing a valued pet. I don’t have many other posessions that has been with me so much, and so many places. Nothing. Which is also both very strange, interesting and very cool.†

I can’t wait to hear back from Foto Care what the damage may be, and if it is repairable at all. I can’t imagine forking out nearly 19K NOK for the new, current version. Not right now. Perhaps, if it is not salvagable, I will have to source a second hand one instead.†

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