Maintenance days at Rissa Yards

A few weeks ago, car- and passenger ferry Korsfjord was taken out of her regular route and sailed to Rissa Yards for her annual maintenance, repairs and inspections, as well as a full scale liferaft drill. These are days absolutely necessary in order for us to maintain a continuous high level of safety for all travelling guests. 

In accordance with my shift-schedule, I did my last night watch on board the Glutra before setting off to Kvithylla to join Korsfjord for her days there. 

Here are some images for your enjoyment - taken in short brakes during long, and hectic days. 

More images from these days and of Korsfjord can be found on CaptainsVoyage Forum, currently at page 83.

Nightwatch on board the Glutra. 

Drone view of Korsfjord at Rissa Yards. 

Evacuation gangway without the stowed liferaft between the gangway and the door in the shipside.

Two of the 150-persons liferafts after inflation.

Atlantic Guardian joined us for some days. 

Atlantida / Norway Explorer (now Spitsbergen) massive old lifeboats are at the yard, without their engines. 

2017 10 20-Korsfjord-IMG 3655

On the way back to Trondheim after maintenance days.

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