Loy Krathong

A few nights ago, the Loy Krathong festival was celebrated all across Thailand. Since this was a work night for me, and since I was a world away from Thailand, there was no time to celebrate. Instead, I dug deep in my hard drive and found an image from a couple of handful years ago, to share with all my very best Thai friends.

Loi Kratong, also known as the very familiar Loy Krathong, is a Thai festival and ceremony of Brahmin origin celebrated throughout the nation on the full moon night of November each year by floating a krattong onto local rivers or canals, to ask for forgiveness from the River Goddess Ganges (
พระแม่คงคา) for having polluted her in the past and to express gratitude toward her for giving everyone water.

Additionally, I would like to share this image playing on a play of words. To go “loy” with a friend is quite normal, but in this image they play on the word (intimate) friend, which also sounds like the English loan word for “fan”. Does that make sense? 

มาลอยกับแฟน....... (come to play “loy” with (intimate) friend, faen, or as in this image, a fan). 

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