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As this evening is quickly coming to an end, I’d like to share three articles about Norway. The first one is from the American Huffington Post online and lists the 25 top reasons why Norway is the greatest place on earth. 

Norway is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It's home to more natural wonders than we can count and it has stunning cities, fascinating history and really happy people.

Norway's not cheap. But it's worth it. Here are 25 reasons why.

You can read the list in this article on Huffington Post. 

Illustrative image in no relation to this blog entry. Residential cruiseship “the World” arriving at Kristiansund, Norway. 

In the second story, Dagbladet has come to the conclusion that the above article in Huffington Post is so great that there ain’t enough money in NHO (an organization in Norway which promotes tourism and business in Norway) to pay for such a great advertisement. NHO says in a statement that they could not have made a better advertisment for Norway than this - the only negative pointed out is the price level of everything here in Norway. Norway is beautiful but also among the most expencive countries in the entire world. 

Dagbladet furthermore comments on the 25-point list as well: 

1. The happiest place in the world.
In last years “happiness-rating” by United Nations, Norway was actually on second place. The report ranged some 156 countries on a range of varying factors, to reach their conclusion. 

2. Very safe.
Crime in Norway ain’t low - just moderatley low. Few people are imprisoned. Dagbladet asks if the paper perhaps wasn’t in Norway for a long time?

3. “Allemannsretten"
Allemannsrett means we can put up  tent, walk through someone’s property, pick wild berries and go almost anywhere. Such areas are often privatized, closed off to public and/or strictly guarded abroad. 

4. Trolltunga
Really beautiful location - perfect for photoshoots. 

5. Kjeragbolten
Simply one word to comment on this: WAOW! 

6. Lush cities
According to American’s, Oslo (and other cities) is a green city surrounded by green and lush forests and hillsides. 

7. Fredrikstad fortress
Really old fairy-land wth one of Scandinavias best preserved old cities. 

8. The fjords
Natures masterpiece which basically begs you to explore them in depth. 

9. The country of Ylvis

The country which can produce something as beautiful as Ylvis (??)

10. Rorbuene (fishing cottages)
These are magic - and everywhere. Rent one, and experience for yourself. 

11. Midnightsun
An amazing experience at summer. 24 hours of sunlight on a clear summer day, north of the Arctic Circle. The midnight sun also means there are more time each day to explore. 

12. The birthplace of skiing
The word “ski” is ancient and actually means a piece of wood. There is evidence that the modern ski we know today, actually was made in Norway for the first time. 

13. More lakes than Finland
Finalnd have some 60.000 lakes, and call themselves «the land of 1000 lakes». But Norway have more lakes. Norway have more than 100.000 lakes - and most of them are amazing. 

14. Deepest lake in Europe
With a depth of 514 meters, Norway have the deepest lake in Europe: Hornindalsvatnet in "Sogn og Fjordane” county.

15. World’s longest tunnel
World’s longest tunnel is Lærdalstunnelen with a length of 24,5 kilometer, it takes you some 20 minutes to drive through it Three secotions with bright colors divide the tunnel into sections to prevent fatigue. 

16. View from Fløyen
Take the funicaular in Bergen. Huffington Post guarantees success.

17. Northern Lights 
Travel to Lofoten and experience the Aurora Borealis Nothern Lights. Spectacular promises the Americans. 

18. Wild reindeers
Wild reindeers - Santa can’t be far away. 

19.Polar bears!
Polar bears - we have them, at Spitsbergen.

20. Aquawit
Aquawit is «hardcore» Norwegian drink - potent and powerful essence as the water of life.

21 Summer skiing
Summer skiing at Stryn Sommerskisenter! From the end of May to August. Ski and swimming as a combination, this is the place. 

22. Ålesund by day

Ålesund by day! 

23. Ålesund at night

Ålesund by night.

24. Geirangerfjorden
Simply magic! 

25. 50 000 islands and a coastline of 51.600 miles
Perhaps not entirely true. Norway has some 100 915 km of coast line, 2,5 times the distance of the earth at Equator. Huffington Post’s meagre 51.600 miles equals just 83000 kilometres. 

Anyhow, the journalist has got one thing correct: Norway have more water than you can ever explore by boat in a whole lifetime, and more land than you can manage to explore in a lifetime. 

The third article about Norway tonight is from Adressa, local paper from Trondheim. The topic of this article is the items on the “hate-list” of tourists that have already been here for a visit. While we all think that the level of service and the prices would be the worst, this article says something else. The major complaints are actually closed restaurants, terrible or missing signage to sites, and low quality items to a much to high price. 

That does not come as a surprise to me personally. I have always said that closing shops on Sundays (especially in summer) is a terrible idea. People who come to Trondheim by cruise ships on for example a Sunday, will all meet closed doors and empty streets in the high season. A local paper in Norway recently made an unofficial survey asking people to give their opinion whether to open or keep shops closed on Sundays…. and guess what? The majority thought it was a bad idea to have shops open on a Sunday - because it would be like forcing people to work on weekends. That is such a very, very lame excuse in my book. 

The third article loosly translated by Google Translate: 

Locked restaurants, bad or no signage , and low quality at a too high price.

That's what tourists think is the worst thing about Norway it emerges in the major Tourist Survey for 2013 , conducted by Innovation Norway .

Failing to find restaurants or the attractions , combined with poor signage, one of the tourists in Norway irritated most of . Hospitality Director at Innovation Norway , Per -Arne Tuftin mean improvement potential is huge . Tourist survey was conducted at commercial accommodations where 4889 interviews were conducted during the summer months of July and August , and the results are clear .

Tuftin says frustration at not find is the greatest.

- They can not find the places they want to go to, it's about the signs - they are simply not up . And some of the places are not open when the tourists come , he says .

Norwegian and foreign road travelers struggling to find accommodation , eateries and sights along the way. In the capital and other cities are not the restaurants they want to guest .

Do you travel to the editors ? Send us an email !

Tuftin says that it is now developing a new app to "rescue" hungry and activity eager tourists across the country. It believes he can help to solve some of the problem.

- We must continue to invest heavily in digital media. The app , which is prepared by Visit Norway , based on both food , accommodation and activities. In terms of restaurants , it is essential that we can create an availability so that tourists know of these , says Tuftin .

HOPING FOR IMPROVEMENT : Per- Arne Tuftin , tourism director at Innovation Norway , hoping a new application will make it easier for foreign tourists in Norway .

The application displays in alphabetical order what kind of bars, restaurants and eateries located near where tourists may be.
Decline in tourism

Norwegian tourism industry experienced a decline in the number of guest of one percent last year . Innovation Norway believes it will be tough also in 2014 , but hopes for a slight increase in the number of overnight stays.

- We have some tough reiselivsår behind us. A persistently strong dollar and an economic slowdown in some of our most important markets has made ​​the job of taking market share very demanding. There will still be in 2014 , but conditions are better this year , especially with a weaker Norwegian krone says Tuftin said.

He is still positive for this year's travel trend.

- We expect an increase of one to two percent in 2014 . We believe the trend of the visit has gone back to reverse . We are developing from Russia , but we will take back Europe with emphasis on Germany and the Netherlands. Concurrent with the increased flight capacity to the U.S. will make more Americans come to Norway , says the Director of Tourism .
Hungry tourists met with closed doors

In big cities like Oslo and Bergen closing a number of restaurants during the summer and during the holidays . In Tromso at Christmas took desperate aurora chasing tourists that almost everything was closed. The newspaper Nordlys wrote earlier this week that many eateries taking a Christmas break while over 1000 aurora tourists were in town. The same experienced tourists in Alta.

- We as an industry have to take care of the opportunities that the aurora tourism. Then you do not meet the tourists closed doors . If our guests come here to the closed doors , it's not that exciting to tell their friends and colleagues about how great it is here . This is a shared responsibility and everyone must contribute , says Hurtigruten chief Daniel Skjeldam the Northern Lights .

HOPE on the upswing : Tourists from Asian countries and Russia are important for 2014 . Here tourists visiting Nærøyfjorden on the West Coast.

- Accustomed to a certain level of service

Restaurateur January Vardøen driver Villa Paradiso Grünerløkka , and a bar and restaurant in the Food Hall . He is surprised that no tourists find their way to places to dine , but believes it will be up to each restaurant owner when they are closed .

- I had thought that the tourists thought was bad was the cost and service . An American is the for example used to a certain level of service . Also, I believe that the lack of vegetarian would be a problem for others. But that tourists do not find out , is surprising. Then you have to do better research on social media or talk with locals , he said.

- Dining in Oslo is the least visited in the summer, and it 's questionable whether it had any effect on all tourists arrived whether restaurants chose to have open, he adds .

Vardøen says that foreign tourists have found their way to both the Food Hall and Grünerløkka , both because of the publicity surrounding the former, and because of the favorable price level of the loop .

Per- Arne Tuftin do not think tourists really understand the closed doors in summer in the Norwegian capital.

- Cruise Tourists arriving on Sundays, for example , they go ashore and encounters locked doors . Common stores can not stay open , but the tourism offer should be more accessible , says Tuftin


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