Indonesia bans vimeo

Indonesia has banned and blocked the video-sharing website from loading in Indonesia, claiming it has pornografic material on it. To me, it seems like the more countries around the world is heading into total control of the population: Hungary bans photography in public places (unless you have a permission from everyone in the picture frame, including the land owner), youtube and Twitter were blocked in Turkie, and now, vimeo is blocked in Indonesia.†

It is really scary to see this kind of attitude governments impose on their populations.†

Everything you do on the net is logged, archived and saved for future records and in order to sell the information onwards. Tollstations (in for example Norway) is used to log travel patterns and keep a tab on drivers, and the whereabout of their vehicles.†

What is the world coming to?

Indoensia bans vimeo (article from the Jakarta Globe).†

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