Four Seasons Private Residences - Bangkok

Next to my absolutely favourite Bangkok crib (read “hotel”), Chatrium Riverside Hotel, I last year at one of my stays there, became aware of activity at a empty plot of land being redeveloped next to the hotel. During the years when Bangkok was my home, and when property management and real estate was my job, I kept an eagle-sharp eye on all empty plots of land and developments. Few if any new plots of land or new projects escaped my attention: it was simply a part of my job. Now, with only occational shorter stays in Bangkok, a lot happens between each visit. Even though the curiosity still excites me, there is no way I any longer can keep a tab on this extremely fast developing city.†

The empty plot of land north of Chatrium Riverside Hotel is however being developed to eventually become Four Seasons Private Residences. I have seen at least three different exterior renderings of the future building, and I have no idea what is the latest actual design. Recently, I saw an image in Bangkok Post advertising waterfront living at its finest.†

If the view is as beautiful as it is from the riverside suites and rooms at Chatrium Riverside, the residents of this project will have an equally, and absolutely amazing view. I fear (as in “know”) however that they will be way out of range for someone ordinary like me. †

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