Ferry maintenance day

Earlier this week, as the weather forecast was unusually nice, we (the Captain’s) made a quick plan to take our ship out of service for some maintenance and for painting the main- and tweendecks. Two days were allocated, and lots of primer and paint was put on order. This is a big job in itself, bigger than painting a small shed in your garden, with nearly 1500 square meters of main deck only, and 40.000+ kroner in paints and painting supplies.†

With the help of many of the ship’s own crew, and some trainees, it was executed without a hitch. The crew that first day was absolutely brilliant and to be very proud of, the task was even completed ahead of schedule and the ship was ready for service again.†

As the ship arrived in town for the big day, I got these spectacular shots from my bird. The following day, I planned to get an “after” view as she sailed out, but with blisters in my hand and a terrible backache, I was prevented from handling the remote. †

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