Evening walk and flight restrictions

Tonight in Trondheim, there is a football-match taking place at Lerkendal Stadium, and with that game, there will be drone flight restrictions in effect for most of Trondheim city. As all drone-activity has to cease by 8PM this evening, I chose to do my evening†excercise walk slightly earlier than usual tonight. Prior to my walk, I had imagined stopping for some drone-shooting in a couple of places.†

That didn’t happen. I did however stop two times during my walk to take a fresh breath, but as it’s November, there isn’t much light available anymore. Actually, we only have around 8 hours and 45 minutes with daylight right now, that is 9 hours and 42 minutes LESS than at summer solstice. Sunrise is at 07:57 in the morning, and by 16:43, the sun already sets.†


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